Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry, I forgot

Suffering from Depression and PTSD, it is well known that these illnesses can affect your memory. However with mine, it seems to be targeting it. My memory is so horrible, infact, in the time it took to sign in to write a new blog, I forgot what I wanted to blog about. BAM, gone. It may return, it may not. Most likely not. This is quite a difficult symptom to have if you ever intend on working for a living.
My desk looks like an advertisement for Post-Its. There are sticky notes everywhere. "Turn me off at night" on my work phone and computer. "Take the mail" on any letters I receive. Constant reminders popping up on my computer when I need to call someone or make an appointment. Sometimes I'll start talking and midsentence, the thought is gone. Even if someone reminds me what I was beginning to speak about, I can't finish it. My only response is "ya, words".
My boyfriend also suffers for depression (yep, we're quite a pair). A conversation between the two of us is often amusing for others to listen to. Both of us, "blah blah blah, ya words". Maybe that's why we have such a great relationship. We don't fight because we can't remember anything long enough to fight about it.
Sweet, sweet love.